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  • Ecological monitoring

    SAFE is a world-leading integrated science programme, with a strong interdisciplinary team of scientists conducting field research on six key areas.

  • Biodiversity

    Biologists are tracking the effects of forest modification on the abundance and diversity of thousands of species on land and in the rivers.

  • Ecosystem processes

    Ecologists are tracking changes in forest vital rates to understand how land use change impairs the way in which the ecosystem operates.

  • Earth-atmosphere

    Climatologists and ecosystem scientists are joining forces to understand the interactions between the forest below and the atmosphere above.

  • Agriculture

    Economists are determining the role forest biodiversity can play in supporting agricultural production.

  • People and Disease

    Ecologists are examining the associations between forest, agriculture and common disease vectors such as mosquitoes.

  • Hydrology

    Hydrologists are continuously monitoring streams to understand how forest conversion impacts water quality.

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