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The SAFE Project is one of the largest ecological experiments in the world. We are studying how biodiversity and ecosystem function change as forests are modified by human activities. As well as studying the change, we also explore whether preserving sections of forest within modified landscapes and around waterways can protect biodiversity and ecosystem function, and how much protection is needed to be effective.

SAFE is one of three large-scale field experiments managed by the South East Asia Rainforest Research Partnership (SEARRP), and represents a close collaboration with Imperial College London and local partners. Our scientific research encompasses expertise from many institutions, each running interlinked projects to better understand the ecology of changing landscapes. At the moment, there are:

  • 190 projects completed, in progress or being developed at the SAFE Project.
  • 18 research areas that cover the breadth of research at the SAFE Project.
  • 386 researchers participating in planning and carrying out these projects and hundreds more who have worked with the vital data collected at the SAFE Project.
  • 151 recorded outputs that researchers have linked to from this site.

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