SAFE Project Datasets

The table below shows published datasets collected at the SAFE Project. All submitted datasets are first checked to make sure that they contain the required metadata. Once they have passed that checking, we then publish all datasets to the Zenodo data repository and are added to this table.

11 records found
ProjectDataset TitleZenodoLink
1Example data for the SAFE Project
1Example data for the SAFE Project
110Leaf litter fall
60Land use effect on earthworms
81Forest quality and land use intensity indicators
59Deadwood stocks and dynamics
32Whitehead's rat morphometrics
72Partitioning Seed Dispersal Rate Amongst Vertebrates Vs Invertebrates Along a Land-Use Gradient
2Quantifying Predation Pressure Along a Gradient of Land Use Intensity
33Microclimate change, forest disturbance and twig-dwelling ants
1Example data for the SAFE Project