SAFE gazetteer

The coordinates of these sampling locations are nearly all taken from field GPS data and some of them are not particularly accurate. If you have better data, please let us know so we can update the gazetteer.

The gazetteer is also a work in progress - for example, the riparian tree plot locations still need to be added. If we are missing some key locations, please tell us!

The map below shows the primary fieldwork locations used in the SAFE Project. These core locations provide a set of standard names that can be used to record where data is collected, although researchers will typically also collect GPS coordinates to provide details of local spatial structure in their sampling. For more information about the different types of location included in the gazetteer, see the decription page on the SAFE wiki.

The searchable table below the map will update the set of locations shown on the map. The export buttons allow you to download a set of locations (or all the locations) in two formats:

This is a GIS format that can be used with most GIS programs. The single download file can contain a mixture of polygon, line and point data. The file contains the attributes of each location as well as the full coordinates for each location.
This format is for use in GPS devices and the download file contains a waypoint for each location. For polygon features, we provide a centroid as a GPX waypoint, since these locations are simple enough that the centroid lies within the sampling location. We deliberately do not provide any centroid for linear sampling locations, such as riparian transects. There is no guarantee that the line centroid will fall on the line - use the GPX waypoints for the individual stations on a transect instead.
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2691 records found
LocationTypePlot SizeFractal OrderTransect Order
SAFE_campSAFE basecampNoneNoneNone
Flux_towerFlux towerNoneNoneNone
A_1SAFE Sampling point25m x 25m11
A_2SAFE Sampling point25m x 25m11
A_3SAFE Sampling point25m x 25m11
A_4SAFE Sampling point25m x 25m12
A_5SAFE Sampling point25m x 25m12
A_6SAFE Sampling point25m x 25m12
A_7SAFE Sampling point25m x 25m13
A_8SAFE Sampling point25m x 25m13
A_9SAFE Sampling point25m x 25m13
A_10SAFE Sampling point25m x 25m14
A_11SAFE Sampling point25m x 25m14
A_12SAFE Sampling point25m x 25m14
A_13SAFE Sampling point25m x 25m11
A_14SAFE Sampling point25m x 25m11
A_15SAFE Sampling point25m x 25m11
A_16SAFE Sampling point25m x 25m12
A_17SAFE Sampling point25m x 25m12
A_18SAFE Sampling point25m x 25m12