Health and Safety

We contracted an independent consultant to conduct a risk assessment for working at the SAFE Project field sites. A short summary of the key risks and recommendations can be found here, but we recommend you read the full risk assessment which can be used as a basis for your own risk assessments. Note that this does not include an assessment of any specific risks that are associated with the particulars of your research activities.

There is also an Emergency Response Manual for the field sites. The manual provides clear written protocols and flow charts on how to respond to emergency situations. There is a hard copy of this manual in the field camp, and all researchers are advised to read it.

There is a list of emergency contact numbers below, including the phone numbers of key staff, research stations, hospitals, police and helicopter evacuation service. You should print this page out and take it into the field. Mobile phone coverage is generally good across research sites within the SAFE Project, so you must carry a charged mobile in a waterproof container when going into the field.

In the event of an emergency, there is a well-stocked first aid kit at the campsite and most of the SAFE Project staff are trained in emergency first aid and field rescue techniques.

Any safety incidents or near misses that you experience while working at the SAFE Project should be reported using the Incident Report Form. This is to help us further refine our protocols to ensure the highest levels of safety for all staff and researchers.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Note that these are local Malaysian numbers unless otherwise specified.

SAFE Staff
  • Jonny Larenus - 0178673841
  • Ryan Gray – +60 135565250
  • Ryan Gray – +60 1118964961
  • Magat Bin Japar - 0105809533
  • Glen Reynolds (KK) – 0198073974
  • Glen Reynolds (KK) – 0178167177
  • Rob Ewers (UK) – 00447403117952
Maliau Staff
  • Maliau office - 087742100
  • Maliau office - 0877422103
  • Kalabakan – 0138883305
  • Tawau – 089752222
  • Tawau – 089773533
  • Lahad Datu –089895111
  • Sandakan – 089212111
  • Sabah Medical Centre (KK) – 088211333
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital (KK) – 088517555
Sabah Air (for helicopter evacuations)
  • KK – 088316044/484326
  • Tawau – 088959818/950828
Fieldskills (Health and Safety Consultants)
  • Simon Amos – 0198312579
  • Joe Wan – 0198516615
  • James Burns - 0198950704