Submitting Proposals

In order to carry out your own research at the SAFE Project, we require a short proposal explaining what it is you want to do and how you expect to do it. This proposal will be placed on our website as part of the science overview, allowing incoming researchers to see what research is currently underway as well as what research is likely to start up in the near future. The workflow for the process is show below:

Create a new draft proposal

First, you will need to register on this website and check you understand our research requirements and data policy.

Before submitting a project, you must look carefully through the existing projects to check whether similar research has already been conducted, is in progress or has been approved to occur in the future. The review process (see below) is primarily intended to ensure that research at SAFE does not duplicate existing effort and collects data that will be comparable across projects.

Next, fill in and submit the online submission form.

Submit your proposal

Once you have completed your draft, added all your project members and linked any similar projects, you can save and submit your draft proposal from the project details page. You will get an email confirming the proposal has been submitted. Note that you cannot make further changes to a submitted proposal until it has been either approved or sent back for resubmission.

At this point, an administrator will look over your proposal. If there are obvious problems with the proposal - such as a lack of detail on the research or the research team - then the proposal may immediately be sent back to you for resubmission. Otherwise, your proposal will be put into review.

Project proposal review process

Proposals submitted by Malaysian researchers will be assessed by the Maliau Basin Management Committee. All other proposals will be assessed using a peer review system:

By having a peer review system we are giving other researchers who may be interested in similar fields to yours to become aware of your work and to get in touch to share ideas, experiences etc. Also once your project is approved you will be added to the peer review email list. In addition where possible, we will either provide access to data that has already been collected and which may help support your research, or provide you with the contact details of researchers who hold data of that nature.

Resubmitting proposals

If your project is sent back for resubmission, you will be able to open a new draft of the proposal to amend. The website administrators and project reviewers will provide constructive comments on projects that are sent back for resubmission and you will need to address these comments carefully in your revised version.

Approved proposals

Congratulations on getting approval to work at the SAFE Project. We hope you have a fantastic time working at the project and that you will do some fantastic science.

Please do keep your project description up-to-date: you will now be able to create a new draft of your proposal to update your plans. These updates will still be looked over by an administrator before the new version is approved. If you are only making minor changes then they may be approved without further review but major changes may be subject to re-review using the same process.