Research Visit Planning


As the SAFE Project has grown over the last five years, camp has been getting busier and busier and more and more researchers need to get out into the field. That’s fantastic but we now need to get smarter about the logistics of running SAFE.


So, the new website brings a new tool for researchers to submit a detailed research visit plan. It covers all the main things you might want when you come out to the SAFE Project, so you can tell us:

* Who is planning to come on the research visit - and don’t worry, you can book spaces for “Unknown Field Assistant #1”!

* When you want your researchers to stay at SAFE or Maliau. We do now have a limit of 25 beds at the SAFE Project camp and there is a live calendar to show bed availability

* Who needs transfers between Tawau, SAFE and Maliau and when they need them. In order to keep our core research programs moving, we’re moving to a system where transfers are only available on Wednesdays and Sundays, to better coordinate "moving days” and “research days”.

* When you need to book our research assistants, and where you need their assistance.


You’ll need to get your research visit plan approved before coming to SAFE and registered researchers are able to see all research visit plans, so you can plan to avoid busy periods or work alongside your favourite colleagues! You’ll even be able to download a spreadsheet of your plan with an estimated budget.

As you can tell, we’re getting a bit stricter: as always, we know that things change in the field and that sometimes we’ll need to make exceptions. Don’t worry - we’re open to negotiation - but this system will just help our hard working field crew coordinate their efforts to get the most science for the least fuss.

Don’t forget to check out the detailed info on getting your research permits as well!

Posted by: Charlotte Newberry