Road Repairs and Security Gate


The Usahwan Borneo group have assisted us in some road repairs and the access road to camp is currently in good condition. However as a lot of the gravel was removed in the process certain steep areas become very slippery in wet weather, please be aware of this and take caution if you are coming to SAFE in your own vehicle.

In the process of road repair the contractors installed a new security gate which is locked at all times. If you are coming to SAFE camp in a car besides a SAFE or NERC vehicle please give us advance notice and we can leave a key for you at an arranged destination. 

Also, for anyone coming to SAFE camp in a vehicle that is not SAFE's or NERC's, you must have access permission for your vehicle, obtained from the BENTA office in Tawau. If you need help arranging this please contact Ruyan on email :, or phone: 0135565250.

Posted by: Olivia Daniel