Research outputs from the SAFE Project

Research at the SAFE Project has resulted in a huge number of research outputs, including papers in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, presentations at conferences, PhD and Masters thesises and many other.
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Investigating Individual Vocal Signatures and Small-Scale Patterns of Geographic Variation in Female Bornean Gibbon (Hylobates muelleri) Great CallsNoneJournal Paper View
Forest canopy structure and reflectance in humid tropical Borneo: A physically-based interpretation using spectral invariantsNoneJournal Paper View
Field notes and protocols for measuring wood density of coarse woody debrisNoneOther View
Effects of different land-use on suspended sediment dynamics in Sabah (Malaysian Borneo) – a view at the event and annual timescales2018-01-04Journal Paper View
Logging increases the functional and phylogenetic dispersion of understorey plant communities in tropical lowland rain forest2018-01-02Journal Paper View
Logging, exotic plant invasions, and native plant reassembly in a lowland tropical rain forest2018-01-02Journal Paper View
Movement Behavior of Native and Invasive Small Mammals Shows Logging May Facilitate Invasion in a Tropical Rain Forest2017-12-21Journal Paper View
Effect of tropical forest disturbance on the competitive interactions within ant communities2017-11-29Masters Thesis View
High Carbon Stock forests provide co-benefits for tropical biodiversity2017-11-15Journal Paper View
The movement of terrestrial rodents within riparian corridors of oil palm plantations in Sabah, Malaysia: A fractal approach2017-10-24Masters Thesis View
The Effects of Roads on the Occupancy and Movement of Forest Rats in Tropical Rainforest of Borneo2017-10-24Masters Thesis View
The effects of riparian forest quality on allochthonous inputs and leaf litter retention in tropical headwater streams in Sabah, Malaysia2017-10-24Masters Thesis View
Small carnivore response to disturbance-mediated shifts in prey distribution throughout Bornean rainforests2017-10-24Masters Thesis View
Effects of microclimate on the distributions of mosquitoes across a tropical forest-oil palm land-use gradient2017-10-24Masters Thesis View
An investigation into which traits confer resilience to Whitehead’s rat (Maxomys whiteheadi) across a tropical forest disturbance gradient2017-10-19Masters Thesis View
Total above ground invertebrate biomass response to different spatial scales of temperature in a tropical landscape2017-10-19Masters Thesis View
Investigating the resilience of termite communities to selective logging and climatic changes in Malaysian Borneo2017-10-10Masters Thesis View
What is the SAFE Project?2017-09-13Video View
A pantropical analysis of the impacts of forest degradation and conversion on local temperature2017-09-07Journal Paper View
Evaluating an experimental method for studying twig-dwelling ant communities2017-08-31Masters Thesis View