Research outputs from the SAFE Project

Research at the SAFE Project has resulted in a huge number of research outputs, including papers in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, presentations at conferences, PhD and Masters thesises and many other.
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TitleSubmission Date▼Format
Investigating Individual Vocal Signatures and Small-Scale Patterns of Geographic Variation in Female Bornean Gibbon (Hylobates muelleri) Great CallsNoneJournal Paper
Impact of Land-use Change on Vertical Soil Bacterial Communities in Sabah2017-08-17Journal Paper
Mammalian species abundance across a gradient of tropical land-use intensity: A hierarchical multi-species modelling approach2017-07-27Journal Paper
Effects of different land-use on suspended sediment dynamics in Sabah (Malaysian Borneo) – a view at the event and annual timescales2017-07-27Journal Paper
Increasing land-use intensity reverses the relative occupancy of two quadrupedal scavengers2017-06-22Journal Paper
The effects of catchment and riparian forest quality on stream environmental conditions across a tropical rainforest and oil palm landscape in Malaysian Borneo2017-05-26Journal Paper
Seasonal fluctuations of astrovirus, but not coronavirus shedding in bats inhabiting human-modified tropical forests2017-05-17Journal Paper
Habitat disturbance results in chronic stress and impaired health status in forest-dwelling paleotropical bats2017-05-08Journal Paper
Evaluating an experimental method for studying twig-dwelling ant communities2017-05-05Masters Thesis
The impacts of habitat disturbance on adult and larval dragonflies (Odonata) in rainforest streams in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo2017-02-27Journal Paper
The Dietary Impacts of Deforestation on Macaca fascicularis (Long-Tailed Macaque) using Metabarcoding2017-02-23Masters Thesis
The influence of logging on understorey plant communities in tropical lowland rainforest in Borneo2016-11-17PhD Thesis
Grain-dependent responses of mammalian diversity to land use and the implications for conservation set-aside2016-09-01Journal Paper
Bat diversity in the lowland forests of the Heart of Borneo2016-09-01Journal Paper
Climate mediates the effects of disturbance on ant assemblage structure2016-09-01Journal Paper
Whole-ecosystem experimental manipulations of tropical forests2016-09-01Journal Paper
Interactions between vegetation and microclimate in a heterogeneous tropical landscape2016-09-01PhD Thesis
Songbird Vocalization Behaviours And Density-Dependent Seed Predation Reveal The Hidden Impacts Of Logging 2016-09-01PhD Thesis
Effects of land-use change, landscape configuration, and management practice on biodiversity in tropical agricultural landscapes2016-09-01PhD Thesis