Contact details for the SAFE project

The SAFE Project has a critical mass of researchers and research students from Malaysia and the rest of the world. The project is managed by a small management team and gains academic oversight from a Science Advisory Committee. In addition, we run a large field team, comprised largely of Research Assistants, that help researchers on the ground. Finally, all international researchers are required to have a Malaysian collaborator as part of their application for a research visa, and the SAFE Project is amply supported by a growing number of Malaysian counterparts.

Details and contact information for all of these groups can be found by following the links below.

Dr Robert EwersScience Director
Dr Glen ReynoldsProject Manager
Olivia DanielPA to Science Director
Ryan GrayDeputy Scientific Coordinator
Abdul Hamid AhmadExpertise: Vertebrates
Susan BenedickExpertise: Mosquitoes
Assoc. Prof Henry BernardExpertise: Mammals
Kawi BidinExpertise: Hydrology
Arthur ChungExpertise: Beetles
Bakhtiar YahyaExpertise: Ants
Eyen KhooExpertise: Epiphytes
Mahadi DawoodExpertise: Invertebrates
Kalsum Mohd. YusahExpertise: Ants
Reuben NilusExpertise: Trees
Homathevi RahmanExpertise: Invertebrates
John SugauExpertise: Trees
Chey Vun KhenExpertise: Moths
Anna WongExpertise:
Luiza MajuakimExpertise: Forest ecology
Maklarin LakimExpertise: Amphibians
Hezron KoroExpertise: meteorology
Magat (Gat) Bin JaparSenior Research Assistant
Madani (Opong) Bin SamadDeputy Senior Research Assistant
Rostin (Tin) Bin JantanDeputy Senior Research Assistant
Jeffry (Jeff) Bin AminResearch Assistant
Matiew Bin TarongakResearch Assistant
Mohamed Bin JuhanisResearch Assistant
Johnny LarenusField Manager
Ngelambong (Mike) Bin AntalaiResearch Assistant
Risma Bte MalisoCook
Samsudi (Ling) MastorResearch Assistant
Ahmad (Wosh) Bin SaturResearch Assistant
Almius (Mus) Bin JupriResearch Assistant
Awang (Ramin) Banjir Bin AjunResearch Assistant
James LohResearch Assistant
Mohd (Roy) Yusaf Bin DidinResearch Assistant
Mainus (Mai) Bin TausongResearch Assistant
Sisoon (Siun) Bin MaunutResearch Assistant
Maria PeniDeputy Senior Research Assistant
Robecca (Ikka) SiwaringResearch Assistant
Shahreen (Ahyeen) DjainiResearch Assistant
Yehezkiel (Kiel) JahuriResearch Assistant