MRes Tropical Forest Ecology Field Course

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This is a field course for students enrolled on the MRes Tropical Forest Ecology course at Imperial College London. The course is designed to embed students within the research environment of the SAFE Project, and provide hands-on experience in: Generating hypotheses; Experimental design; Field data collection and management; and Field taxonomy.


The course will be structured around a series of two to four day group projects. For each project, the class will: discuss a research question with a researcher currently working at SAFE; develop that question into a testable hypothesis; design the collection of field data to test that hypothesis; collect the data over a period of several days; and collate the field data and metadata into a format appropriate for inclusion in the SAFE Project online database. Students will be expected to conduct basic analyses of the data and present their findings in short, two to three page, write-ups.
Project members
ResearcherProject roleProject contact
Robert EwersLead Researcher
Derek ShapiroMSc Student
Christopher CassellMSc Student
Jackson CliveMSc Student
Sam EdwardsMSc Student
Hiroki HarazawaMSc Student
Charlie DavisonMSc Student
Phil JervisMSc Student
Harry LayfieldMSc Student
Ryan RothmanMSc Student
Grant VernhamMSc Student
Kate VogiatzisMSc Student
Richard GillSupervisor
Maria DickinsonCoordinator
Clare WilkinsonPhD Student
Adam SharpPhD Student
Nichar GregoryPhD Student
Philip ChapmanPhD Student
Michael BoylePhD Student
Lan QiePost Doc
Terhi RiuttaCo-I
Johannes (Hans) CornelissenCo-I
Elizabeth TelfordField Assistant
Jeanelle BrisbaneMSc Student
Alexander ElsyMSc Student
Maisie EttingerMSc Student
Magdalena KwasnickaMSc Student
Bartosz MajcherMSc Student
Siew Ngim OWMSc Student
Anna PeelMSc Student
Alasdair RobertsonMSc Student
Amber SawyerMSc Student
Matteo SebastianelliMSc Student
Ashley StumvollMSc Student
Joseph SulivanMSc Student
Hannah VigusMSc Student
Cedric ZahndMSc Student
Yan Nin LuiMSc Student
Olivia DanielCoordinator
Muying DuanMSc Student
Jason HodgsonSupervisor
Felicity OramField Assistant