Research Projects at SAFE

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TitleProject numberStart Date▼
MRes Tropical Forest Ecology Field Course1522019-09-30 View
The effect of land-use change on fungal productivity; implications for decomposition and carbon cycling in tropical forests1852018-02-12 View
Alterations in avian physiology and behaviour across a gradient of fragmentation1882018-02-10 View
The importance of vertebrates in regulating insect herbivory pressure along a gradient of logging intensity in Sabah, Borneo1862018-02-05 View
Deadwood stocks and dynamics592017-12-20 View
Mammalian community structure and dynamics across spatio temporal gradients of land use intensity in Malaysian Borneo952017-12-19 View
The Distribution and Persistence of Primate Species in Fragmented and Converted forest Landscape in Sabah, Malaysia982017-11-17 View
Butterfly activity time and thermoregulation plasticity under climate change1832017-10-17 View
Investigating the Efficacy of Riparian Reserves for Maintaining Invertebrate Biodiversity in a Fragmented Tropical Landscape1842017-07-01 View
Effects of riparian border size and land use change on tropical amphibians1002017-05-05 View
Impacts of rainforest degradation on the diets of the insectivorous bats of Sabah1822017-05-01 View
Vectorial Capacity across an Environmental Gradient382017-04-05 View
Diversity of Pleurotaceae (Agaricales, Basidiomycota) in logged and unlogged forest1792017-03-18 View
The effects of progressive land use changes on the distribution, abundance and behavior of vector mosquitoes in Sabah, Malaysia1802017-03-13 View
Decomposition of deadwood debris left over from tropical rainforest logging operations1812017-03-06 View
Data analysis 1782017-03-01 View
Distribution, Ecology and Habitat Use Of Otter Species in Oil Palm and Forest Estates in SAFE Project, Kalabakan, Sabah1712017-02-18 View
LOMBOK & SAFE social media & outreach1762017-02-08 View
Forest small mammals in oil palm plantations: space use and habitat selection components of the spillover effect.1642017-02-06 View
Predicting the effect of climate change on amphibians across different land use types1652017-02-06 View