The SAFE Project species page

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39 records found
Common NameBinomialIucn Status
Crested FirebackLophura ignitaNear Threatened View
Lesser Mouse DeerTragulus kanchilLeast Concern View
Barking DeerMuntiacus muntjakLeast Concern View
Maroon LangurPresbytis rubicundaLeast Concern View
Marbled CatPardofelis marmorataVulnerable View
Sunda PangolinManis javanicaEndangered View
BinturongArctictis binturongVulnerable View
Great ArgusArgusianus argusNear Threatened View
Masked Palm CivetPaguma larvataLeast Concern View
Bornean GibbonHylobates muelleriEndangered View
Bornean Slow LorisNycticebus menagensisVulnerable View
Long Tailed PorcupineTrichys fasciculataLeast Concern View
Giant SquirrelRatufa affinisNear Threatened View
Leopard CatPrionailurus bengalensisLeast Concern View
Bearded PigSus barbatusVulnerable View
Long Tailed MacaqueMacaca fascicularisLeast Concern View
Malay CivetViverra tangalungaLeast Concern View
Clouded LeopardNeofelis diardiVulnerable View
Flat-headed CatPrionailurus planicepsEndangered View
Giant Red Flying SquirrelPetaurista petauristaLeast Concern View